Alison Gold

United States

Alison Gold Bio

Who is Alison Gold

Is a very young and talented American pop singer and actress recognised best for her singles titled "Chinese Food" and "ABCDEFG".

Early Life (Childhood)

Was born in Fairfax, Virginia. Has been interested in singing and dancing since she was very very young. Is learning singing and dancing along with acting and is studying in a school of LA, California.f

Interesting Facts

Avid lover of Chinese food and sang a song to pay her tribute to the food. Has become a celebrity in her very young age.

Personal Life

She currently resides in LA, California with her parents. She is just 12 years old. She has no relationships with any one so far.


Has the net worth of $2.5 million. Is signed with PMW Live label.


She is very young and there has not been any rumor or controversy available in any media on her.