Alfred Gough

United States

Alfred Gough Bio

Who is Alfred Gough

Alfred Gough is one of the renowned name in the Hollywood. Though he is not an actor but he is a popular producer and a great screenwriter.

Early Life (Childhood)

He was born on 22nd of August 1967 in Leonardtown, Maryland, United States. He had the great skills of writing since he was in his High school.

Interesting Facts

While he was pursuing his higher education, he wrote a story about buddy-cop story and this rose his name and fame. He also wrote and produced the movie Shanghai Noon.

Personal Life

He is the father of three lovely children and this came from his married life with Beth Corets. He has been married to her since 1996.


He has been nominated in Hugo Awards several times in his life.


He had a dispute with Warner Brothers Television Network in the early 2013.