Olivia Dudley

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United States

Olivia Dudley Bio

Who is Olivia Dudley

Olivia Dudley is a very gorgeous and beautiful American actress. She is mainly known for her role in CSI: Miami, Chernobyl Diaries, Chillerama and Arrested Development. She also starred in Dumbbells and The Vatican Tapes.

Early Life (Childhood)

She was born to Saundra Dudley and Jim Dudley. She attended Morro Bay High School in Morro Bay, California. She graduated from there in 2002. When she was five years old she made her decision to be an actress.

Interesting Facts

She is also one of the co-writer of the 5SecondFilms. She wants to work with Michel Gondry in her future days. She likes to do comedy movies. She moved to LA to pursue her career in acting field. By that time she was only 17 years old.

Personal Life

She is in relationship with Evan Glodell who is her boyfriend. He as a profession is a director. According to her , her boyfriend is one of the fantastic director. She says she would like to work with him in his next film.


She is active in using her social networking sites. Olivia keeps in touch with them through her social accounts by retweeting their tweets and giving reply. She have many fans who are following her.


She was rumored to join Join Exorcism Thriller The Vatican Tapes with Michael Pena.