Nathan Lane

United States

Nathan Lane Bio

Who is Nathan Lane

Nathan Lane is an American actor. He is also a writer. He is popular in the world for his role in The Lion King, Guys and Dolls, the Modern Family and the Good Wife.

Early Life (Childhood)

Nathan was born in Jersey City, New Jersey to Daniel Lane and Nora Lane. His birth name was Joseph Lane. He is of Irish ethnicity.

Interesting Facts

He is well known from his high pitched voice. He is a comedian and his role as a comedian is highly energetic. His father was a cop.

Personal Life

When he was twenty one years old, he reveled that he is gay to his mother but he got a harsh response from her. He is living with his partner Devlin Elliott.


He has been nominated on many prestigious awards like Golden Globes, USA, Prime time Emmy Awards and many more.


When he reveled that he is a gay, his mother wished not to see him alive, she felt disgusting.