Marsha Vadhanapanich


Marsha Vadhanapanich Bio

Who is Marsha Vadhanapanich

Sweet and sexy lady, Marsha Vadhanapanich is a Thai singer. She is also an actress and has appeared in the movies like 407 Dark Flight 3D, Alone and so on.

Early Life (Childhood)

She was born to parents of diverse origin in Iserlohn, Germany in the early 1970s. Her mother is German and her father is Thai.

Interesting Facts

She is also known by the name Pim. She is five feet and five inches in her height. She has also established herself as a model.

Personal Life

She was once married to Ampol Lampoon but this married life ended in a divorce in 1977. She is the mother of Nawapol Lumpoon.


In 2007, she won her first New York City Horror Film Festival.


She also plays guitar and tambourine.