Ken Baumann

United States

Ken Baumann Bio

Who is Ken Baumann

Kenneth Robert Tuff Baumann, an American writer, publisher and book designer who is best known for playing as a character of Ben Boykewich on The Secret Life of the American Teenager

Early Life (Childhood)

Since his early age Kenneth Robert Baumann, he started his career in acting since he was 11 years old and shuttled between gigs in New York and Texas

Interesting Facts

Kenneth an American writer has launched his own publishing company, Sator Press, which published a literary journal and taking both acting and writing has a career.

Personal Life

Kenneth Robert Tuff Baumaan married an actress Aviva Baumann. They got married at 2012 and she was starred in the film, Superbad.


Kenneth Baumaan makes $1,176,471 per year and he has completed his book first draft in just 4-5 months and took whole year to refine it.


Tattoos of Ken Baumaan was taking the lime light as it was said he has a tattoo in non visible parts.