Hermione Gingold

United Kingdom

Hermione Gingold Bio

Who is Hermione Gingold

One f the legendary and talented stage and film actress who is best known fr acting in movies like Merry Comes to Town, Promise Her Anything and Gigi. She died due to heart disease and heart attack.

Early Life (Childhood)

She was hailed in Carlton Hill, Maida Vale, London in a well to do family. Her parents was James Gingold and kate. Gingold started her career in her young days and at 11 she has already marked herself professional actress.

Interesting Facts

Her trademark was deep voice, Sharp nose, chin sharp-tongued. The name of his sons are Leslie and Stephen. She was the author of her autobiography 'How to Grow Old Disgracefully' and play Abracadabra.

Personal Life

Firstly she was married to Michael Joseph with whom she has two children. After ending relationship with him she tied a know with Eric Maschwitz.


She had won Golden Globe Awards and Grammy Awards.