Fredy Guarin


Fredy Guarin Bio

Who is Fredy Guarin

He is a versatile Colombian player who is capable of shooting from both feet on the field, basically confronted to be comfortable on the center or the right of mid field. He plays and has played the role of a play maker in many matches.

Early Life (Childhood)

He was born in Puerto Boyaca a part of Colombia. He grew up at the same neighborhood and his education done in amongst the Colombian School.

Interesting Facts

His currently estimated to earn 2.2 million Euros as his salary and owns the market value of worth 18.000.000 Euros at present. The current agent for this player is DH Sports.

Personal Life

He is a young handsome married man. His wife's name is disclosed to be Andreina Guarin. There are no other information to be on his personal life.


Fredy Guarin has very strong crossing and dribbling skills. His concentration on the game and shooting qualities are very appreciable and likes to play in long balls. He has good speed and position in the game.


There aren't many rumors about him either on the internet or else where in the media as he basically likes keeping personal things personal in his life.