Brett Butler

United States

Brett Butler Bio

Who is Brett Butler

Brett Butler (born January 30, 1958) is an American writer, actress, and stand-up comedian. She is popular in the world her her role in the comedy series Grace Under Fire.

Early Life (Childhood)

Butler was born Brett Anderson in Montgomery, Alabama, United States of America. She is the eldest of five sisters. Before she established her career as a stand-up comic, she worked as a cocktail waitress.

Interesting Facts

Butler has baritone speaking-voice. In her personal quotes she stated that she was married to a subliterate, terra-cotta-toothed imbecile with violent tendencies.

Personal Life

Butler does not have good married life. She was married twice first to Charles Michael Wilson and then to Ken Zieger. Her both marriage last not more than 5 years.


Butler was nominated in various awards and has won People's Choice Awards, USA and Viewers for Quality Television Awards.