Wolf Blitzer

Television Personality

Wolf Blitzer Bio

Who is Wolf Blitzer

Television journalist, Wolf Blitzer has been active in the broadcasting world since the early 1970s. He works for CNN. He is the host of the show Wolf.

Early Life (Childhood)

He was born on 22nd of March 1948 in Augsburg, Germany. His birth name was Wolf Isaac Blitzer. Both of this parents were homemaker.

Interesting Facts

He is one of the richest TV journalist with net worth of US $16,000,000. He is five feet and ten inches tall.

Personal Life

Sweet and beautiful lady, Lynn Greenfield is his loving wife. They have been married since the early 1970s. Ilana Blitzer is his daughter.


In 2003, he won Daniel Pearl Award.


He has also starred in the TV series House of Cards.