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Von Bio

Who is Von

Comedy vlogging type of Vine content creator who will post numerous videos in one day. His account name is WTF VON and he reached over 240,000 followers on the 6-second video creation app.

Early Life (Childhood)

He was born in Houston, Texas but he grew up mostly in Canton, Ohio. He has a much younger brother as well as a younger sister.

Interesting Facts

In 2015, he was averaging more than 25,000 new followers per month and more than 55 million total loops. He revined a Dana Baby video captioned as "Girl: Orion Carloto Boy: owennstuff Friends: Parker Kit Hill , ???????? #Remake Valium Village."

Personal Life

He became friends with fellow Viners Damn Tommy, Jay Versace and Twaimz. He posted his first video to Vine in January of 2015, posting his next four videos all in February before becoming incredibly consistent in his Vine creations in March.