Sergio Leone


Sergio Leone Bio

Who is Sergio Leone

Sergio Leone was an Italian film director, producer and screenwriter. He was known for his extreme long close-up shots in western-style movies.

Early Life (Childhood)

He was a son of director Leone Roberto Roberti and actress Edvige Valcarenghi. He was literally born in the cinema; growing watching his father's work in film sets. He started his own career in the industry at the age of 18.

Interesting Facts

He was sued by Japanese director Akira kuroswa for remaking his YOJIMBO (1961) without copyright agreements. For which the production company had to pay $100,000, and 15% of box office revenues.

Personal Life

Sergio Leone was happily married to Carla Leone. He had three beautiful children with her namely Francesca, Raffaella and Andrea Leone.


His movie, once upon a time in America was nominated in BAFTA Awards and Golden Globe in 1984. He received the American Award in memory, from the Italy-USA foundation in 2014.


He controversially baited his former collaborator, Clint Eastwood who was a more successful director, by claiming that Robert De Niro was a real "actor," unlike Eastwood.