Sara Riel


Sara Riel Bio

Who is Sara Riel

Sara Riel is the sister of Metis Leader Louis Riel, who joined the Grey Nuns as a novice in 1865 and 1868 became the first Métis Grey Nun from Red River.

Early Life (Childhood)

She was born on October 11, 1848, in St. Boniface, Red River Colony (now in Manitoba). From her childhood, she was a bright student and fluent in English, French, Cree, and Michif.

Interesting Facts

She dedicated to society and the people. She served in the school and the hospital of the mission until her death of tuberculosis December 27, 1883.

Personal Life

She is close to her brother. She and her brother Louis Riel wrote to each other and letters remain describing their relationship and her life in Île-à-la-Crosse.


Her works and contribution as a Grey Nun are praiseworthy.