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Sandra Oh Bio

Who is Sandra Oh

Sandra Oh is a actress from Canada. She is known for a role on ABC's medical drama Grey's Anatomy. This role earned her Screen Actors Guild awards. She had played in many other success drama in her career.

Early Life (Childhood)

Oh was born in Korea and moved to Canada in 1960s. She is the daughter of Oh Junsu (John) and Oh Young-nam. She went to Sir Robert Borden High School. In 1993 she was graduated from the National Theatre School.

Interesting Facts

She played the class musical show in the role of Wizard of Woe at the age of 10. She won the genie awards for her lead performance for film Double Happiness. She was host of the 28th Genie Awards.

Personal Life

Oh was in relation with Alexander Payne filmmaker for five years. After long relationship they get married in 2003. They divorce in late 2006. After divorce she had relation with with musician Andrew Featherston.


Mayor Jim Watson gave the key to the to the City of Ottawa. She had won 10 different awards and was nominated for 10 other different awards. She was success from the film the film Double Happiness.


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