Ryan Serhant

Television Personality
United States

Ryan Serhant Bio

Who is Ryan Serhant

An American real estate broker and a great television personality who has made his appearences in The Today Show The Insider, and Bloomberg TV. He is often quoted in Wall Street Journal China, Boston Herald, New York Post and The New York Times.

Early Life (Childhood)

He was born in Houston, Texas, United States. He went to Pingree School. He attended the Hamilton College and complete his degrees in English Literature and Theater he was double majored in literature.

Interesting Facts

He is actually a farmer who did a lot in growing up which surprises people a lot. He is very hard working and very talented person. He believes in non profit making organization and supports them. He owe the net worth of 20 million dollar.

Personal Life

He is very charming and handsome person. He has a girlfriend named Emilia. This couple are recently engaged in the year 2015. They are living happily in the penthouse apartment in SOHO.


He has achieved extraordinary success in business. He has grown his team to 23 agents and already sold over $500 Million in real estate in 2014. He is also producer of a web series Realty Byte with Ryan Serhant where he discuss about the celebrities.