Rita Marley


Rita Marley Bio

Who is Rita Marley

Rita Marley is a Cuban-Jamaican singer, better known as widow of Bob Marley. She was a member of the vocal group the I Threes, who gained famed as the backing vocalists for Bob Marley and the Wailers.

Early Life (Childhood)

Alpharita Constantia Anderson also known a Rita Marley was born on July 25, 1946 in Santiago de Cuba, Cuba to Leroy Anderson and Cynthia "Beda" Jarrett.

Interesting Facts

Rita Marley is the widow of legend/musician Bob Marley, and a member of the trio the I Threes, earned her net worth of $50 million as a singer.

Personal Life

In 1960 she first met Bob. As Bob was the mentor and manager of the group , they work together and fell in love. She married Bob Marley in 1966.


She along with her late husband and other two person were shot and wounded by unknowm gunman in marley home.