Reena Ninan

United States

Reena Ninan Bio

Who is Reena Ninan

Reena Ninan is an Indian American television reporter and is known for her successful, versatile and tireless personality who has been spotted reporting around the world and across the United States of America.

Early Life (Childhood)

Reena Ninan was born in Tampa, Florida, U.S. She hold bachelor’s degree in Political Communication and minor in Women’s Studies from the George Washington University.

Interesting Facts

Reena Ninan career starts with Fox news Channel as Middle East Correspondent in 2007. She has travelled to India, Israel, Indonesia, Egypt, Lebanon, Jordan, Libya, and Iraq for reporting.

Personal Life

Reena Ninan is married to author and former Newsweek reporter Kevin Peraino and has two children, Jack Ninan Peraino and Kate Ninan Peraino.


Reena Ninan is honored as “Women on the Front Lines” in the Glamour Magazine in 2011.