Rajesh Nihalani


Rajesh Nihalani Bio

Who is Rajesh Nihalani

Rajesh Nihalni is the bespoke tailer from United kingdom.  He is best known as the husband of The Good Wife star Archie Panjabi.

Early Life (Childhood)

Nilhalni is of Indian descent but living in Britain. Information regarding his childhood and hometown is not provided. Like wise his family background and education is also unknown.

Interesting Facts

He is the owner of the 'Imperial Tailoring' based in UK. His marriage is arranged. He is a best friend of his wife. He is honest.

Personal Life

Nilhalni is married to Archie Panjabi. He married her when she was 26 year old. His wife is actress. He often visit his wife who is shooting in New York.


Once he was charged theft. Sources told he stole electronic, items in Department store. There was also accusations that he bought a goods from credit card and later told that his card was stolen.