Paz Vega

Television Personality

Paz Vega Bio

Who is Paz Vega

Paz Vega is an Spanish actress who was came to known in international attention by her role in movies like Spanglish and also The Spirit.

Early Life (Childhood)

Paz Vega full name is Paz Campos Trigo.She joined a good stage school for journalism study when she was 16 years old completing her school.Her life during her childhood was not luxurious.

Interesting Facts

Paz Vega net worth is about $10 Million USD.She belongs to white ethnicity.She have got dark brown hair colour and brown eyes.She started her acting career in 1997.

Personal Life

Paz Vega got married to Orson Salazar.They had their first son named Orson, on 2 May 2007.On 17 July 2009 the couple had daughter named Ava.Later the couple had son named Lenon on 13 August 2010.


Paz Vega was awarded with Chopard Trophy in 2002 as Female Revelation and also Goya in same year.In 2001 she won Ondas Awards.She was also awarded with PFCS Award in 2004.In 2014 she won Taormina Arte Award.


Paz Vega was rumored to be checking her tan lines around the pool in Marbella.