Paul Pogba


Paul Pogba Bio

Who is Paul Pogba

Nicknamed as II Polpo Paul is a football player representing French National playing for Juventus in series A. He is a midfielder but plays both as attack and defence with equal precision.

Early Life (Childhood)

He was born on Lagny-sur-Marne at France, and was indulged into football since a very young age. His career at age of six where he played for US Roissy-en-Brie for seven seasons.

Interesting Facts

He is nicked named as "Golden Boy". His net salary is found to be about 4 million Euros and possess assets of worth 4500 million Euros. He weights about 80 kg.

Personal Life

His relationship information is confidential and there is no any information about his personal life.He is not found to be interested in disclosing his Affairs/Material life


He received an honor of World Cup u-20 title on the year 2013.He was also honored with the title of FIFA World Cup Best Young Player on the year 2014.


He decided to join the youth academy of Manchester United that led to a lot of controversies and was allegedly claimed to be leaving the club for monetary reasons, which he denie.