Paul Mooney

United States

Paul Mooney Bio

Who is Paul Mooney

A famous talented and good sense humor American Comedian who is best known for his role in Chappelle's Show and played various movies and comedy show like Good Hair, Carter's Army.He is also a social critic, television and film actor.

Early Life (Childhood)

He is born in Shreveport, Louisiana as a son of George Gladney (Father) and LaVoya Ealy (Mother).His childhood was spend with his grand mother who raised her.

Interesting Facts

He is a stand up comedian with a deep and rich voice and his act focuses on race and social issues.He gave many young stand up comics their first break.He also wrote a stand up comedy material for Redd Fox.

Personal Life

Regarding to his personal life he was a married man but now this couple are no more in a relation. They got divorced. But he is a father of four children Symeon Mooney, Shane Mooney, Dwayne Mooney, Daryl Mooney.


In his career he has nominated for awards like Daytime Emmy Awards for Outstanding Writing in a Children's Series.He was a contestant on The Dating Game and used to write a joke for Jimmie Walker.


There is a rumor of his medical issues.