Olivia Newton John

United Kingdom

Olivia Newton John Bio

Who is Olivia Newton John

Olivia Newton John commonly known as Olivia is an actress. She is a top singer and a song writer. She rose into prominence after wining Grammy award.

Early Life (Childhood)

Olivia Newton John was actually born in China. Her parents were Brinley and Irene Helene. She is of diverse descent, her father was from Welsh and her mother was from Germany.

Interesting Facts

Her maternal family was from Germany but they left it since the start of World War II. She is also a popular singer and she has also released several albums.

Personal Life

Olivia Newton John first married Matt Lattanzi on 15 December 1984, she also had one child with him. They got divorced after a decade. Now she is married to Amazon John Easterling.


She has also been awarded with Daytime Emmy Awards, People's Choice Awards, USA and so on.


It is rumored that she was diagnosed with the breast cancer.