Missy Elliott

United States

Missy Elliott Bio

Who is Missy Elliott

Also known by the nickname Misdemeanor, Missy Elliott is a talented musician, rapper and singer. She has released several alums and has performed in several concerts.

Early Life (Childhood)

She was born on 1st of July 1971 in Portsmouth, Virginia, United States. Her childhood days was humble and full of abuses.

Interesting Facts

She is a black American and is five feet and two inches tall. Recently she lost 30-pound weight. She is also an actress.

Personal Life

As a child, she was severely abused of her father and now she is now in her mid 40s but she is still living a single life. She also revealed that she is afraid of starting a family.


She has won Grammy Awards several times in her life.


She was intelligent since her childhood days.