Melanie Griffith

United States

Melanie Griffith Bio

Who is Melanie Griffith

An iconic and dynamic actress from America who marked her way in Hollywood industry from non speaking films. She gained global recognition after appearing in movie Body Double.

Early Life (Childhood)

Mother Tippi Hedren and father Peter Griffith gave her birth in New York City. At 16 she dropped out from Hollywood Professional School and initiated her acting career.

Interesting Facts

Griffith has an astonishing net worth of $20 million. She is associated with Democratic Party and fully supports Children's Hospital Los Angeles. Once dated actors Jack Nicholson, Warren Beatty and Ryan O'Neal.

Personal Life

Married for the three times but non of her marriage were successful. She had a son Alexander Bauer with Steven Bauer, daughter Dakota Johnson with Don Johnson and daughter Stella del Carmen Banderas with Antonio Banderas.


Melanie has won Golden Globe Awards, Boston Society of Film Critics Awards. Golden Camera, Razzie Awards,Sant Jordi Awards and also nominated on Academy Awards among others.


Her relationship with her husband arouse several scandal. Meanwhile many reporters caught their every movement. She also face with the problem of alcohol and cocaine. To overcome from it, she went to rehab as well. Tatum O'Neal charged against Griffith that she forced her to have a orgy with male hairdresser and Maria Schneider.