Martin Klebba

Flim Star
United States

Martin Klebba Bio

Who is Martin Klebba

An American famous stuntman as well as actor. He has a form of dwarfism known as acromicric dysplasia. His upcoming movie are 'Pirates of the Caribbean V' and 'Ted 2'.

Early Life (Childhood)

He was born as well as grew up in Troy,Michigan. He was graduated from Athens High School. Nickname 'Marty the Midget' was given to him in 1990s on 'The Howard Stern Show'.

Interesting Facts

He has a weight of about 36 kg. He is bald. It is known that he has a net worth of about 7 million dollar. His eye color is Blue.

Personal Life

He is a married man. He was married to Michelle Dilgard in 2011. He has two children. Alec Klebba and Makenzie Klebba are his son and daughter respectively.


He is a active member in the field of acting. He hasn't been awarded with any popular awards till date. He runs a nonprofit organization for Dwarf Advocacy.


He is not been in any rumor till date. He has maintain clear image in front of media.