Luigi Bussolati


Luigi Bussolati Bio

Who is Luigi Bussolati

Luigi Bussolati also known by his last name Bussolati is a famous photographer from Italy. He calls himself a “lightning designer / photographer”, and his beautiful portfolio shows us why. He is a popular photographer who is the specialist in using the natural light and making the photo graph look more beautiful.

Early Life (Childhood)

Bussolati was born in Parma, Italy in 1963. He was from the upper middle class family born to parents of Italian descent. He Got His degree in photography from the former Humanitarian Center Riccardo Bauer ex Umanitaria, Milan, in 1986.

Interesting Facts

In 2003 he published “AKH Toward the Light” (AKH Toward the Light) for Charta Editions. Besides his own photographic company, he also works for several magazines, companies and as well for various institutions. His photograph collections can be seen at the “Civic art collections”, at the town council of Milan.

Personal Life

Luigi Bussolati personal information is not accessible. There is no news regarding his love affairs and girlfriends. News about his marriage, wife, children and divorce is also not mention anywhere.