Krishna Bogati

Web Star

Krishna Bogati Bio

Who is Krishna Bogati

Krishna Bogati is an Internet marketer, Web developer, SEO expert from Nepal and young IT entrepreneur. He is managing director of TOP NEPAL.

Early Life (Childhood)

He was born on 11th of May in Nepal to Nepalese parents. He was born and raised in middle class family.

Interesting Facts

He is also known for being a Photographer, Freelancer Journalist and a Traveler. In 2011, he worked at Nepal Environmental Treks and Expedition.

Personal Life

According to his website, it is said that he is he is still a single lad. He is now spending his days in Kathmandu, Nepal.


He has been awarded with several awards related to IT and computer software.


To date, he has not been the part of any controversy. However, there is a rumor, he has dated several girls in the past.