Karl Malone

United States

Karl Malone Bio

Who is Karl Malone

One of the legendary retired basketball player,wrestler and actor from America. He used to play in Power forward in the National Basketball Association. His had associated with the club Utah Jazz and Los Angeles Lakers.

Early Life (Childhood)

Karl was born in Summerfield, Louisiana as a son of Shirley and Shedrick. He has eight siblings. He enrolled at Louisiana Tech and also played basketball there.

Interesting Facts

Malone has a resounding net worth of $75 million dollars. He love's hunting and fishing and owns a car dealerships and  three restaurants in Louisiana.

Personal Life

Malone is a father of seven children. Four with his wife Kay kinsey,one with the 13 year old when he was 20 year old and twins with the women with whom he dated at 17.


He is the inductee of Basketball Hall of Fame, Louisiana Tech Athletic Hall of Fame and gold medal in Olympics game. Also awarded with NBA All-Star, NBA Most Valuable Player, Utah Jazz all-time leading scorer among others.


He was charged against the paternity law suits. Likewise he was killed by the celebrity death hoax in 2016. But he was prove as fake rumors.