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k.d. lang Bio

Who is k.d. lang

Kathryn Dawn Lang well known as k.d. lang, is a Grammy Award wining pop and country singer-songwriter and irregular actress. Apart from this she is a gay rights, animal rights, and Tibetan human rights activist.

Early Life (Childhood)

She was born in Edmonton, Alberta,Canada. She enrolled in Red Deer College right after finishing her secondary school. There she thought of pursuing her career as a singer professionally.

Interesting Facts

She has a net worth of $ 15 million.she initiated campaign 'Meat Stinks'. She is a practicing tantric in the old school of Tibetan Buddhism. She sang many movie soundtracks.

Personal Life

She is a gay. She ended her relationship with her domestic partner Jamie Price. Currently she is dating Heather Edwards,wife of billionaire N.Murray Edwards.


She named Grammy Awards, Juno Awards, National Arts Center Award,Governor General's Performing Arts Awards and received a star in Canada walk of Fame.


Her 'meat stinks' campaign gets lots of controversy even in her own home town. Due to which she banned in dozens of radio stations.