Judith Sheindlin

Reality Star
United States

Judith Sheindlin Bio

Who is Judith Sheindlin

Daytime Emmy Awards winner, Judith Sheindlin is the great layer and judge from United States. She is also a writer and has published several books.

Early Life (Childhood)

Ukraine and Russian descent, Judith Sheindlin was born in upper class family in Brooklyn, New York City, New York, USA. She is of white ethnicity.

Interesting Facts

She is famous for speaking quick and her net worth is $47 million. She is five feet and one inch tall and she is of average weight.

Personal Life

Once the wife of Ronald Levy is now married to Jerry Sheindlin. She also got divorced with Jerry Sheindlin in 1990 but she married again with him in 1991.


In 2006, she was honored Star on the Walk of Fame.


It is said that she got divorced to Jerry Sheindlin in 1990 because of her internal stress.