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John Woo Bio

Who is John Woo

John Woo is one of the renowned directors and producers from Hong Kong. He has also established himself as a writer. He has major influence on action genre.

Early Life (Childhood)

John Woo was from the middle class family born in Guangzhou, China. His childhood days was kind of bad because then, China was passing through civil war.

Interesting Facts

John is also one of the richest man in Hong Kong and his net worth is about $60 million. His film "A Better Tomorrow" broke all box office records in Hong Kong in 1986.

Personal Life

John is a married man, he married Annie Woo Ngau Chun-lung from in 1976. The couple seems happy with each other and their relation seems to be very strong. They have three children together.


He has been nominated in lots of prestigious awards and has also won some of them and some of the awards he has won are Asian Film Awards, DVD Exclusive Awards and many more.


It is rumored that he has some trade mark in producing movie and that is a character with gun in both hands.