JD Witherspoon

Web Star
United States

JD Witherspoon Bio

Who is JD Witherspoon

JD Witherspoon is a YouTube celebrity, actor, comedian and gamer known for his WhoisUTV and runJDrun channels. He is a skilled impressionist and has dabbled in rap as well.

Early Life (Childhood)

He was born John David Witherspoon Jr. and was raised in California. He was an art major in college. After school, he realized he wanted to be an actor.

Interesting Facts

He is most known for his sketches and impersonations. Some of the impressions that he has shared are of Drake and the cast of Family Guy. He also is vlogger and runs a gaming channel.

Personal Life

eldest son to Comedian-Actor John Witherspoon and Actress-Artist Angela Robinson-Witherspoon. He has a younger brother. J.D is following behind his father as an aspiring comedian and actor.