Jarppi Leppala


Jarppi Leppala Bio

Who is Jarppi Leppala

Winner of several prestigious awards, Jarppi Leppala is an actor. He has worked in the movies like The Dudesons Movie, Jackass 3D and many more. He is also a stunt man.

Early Life (Childhood)

He was born on 11th of August 1979 in Seinäjoki, Finland. He was also raised in Seinäjoki, Finland. He is also known by the nicknames Jarppi and Funny Fat Guy.

Interesting Facts

He is said to have the net worth of US $ 2,000,000. He is five feet and seven inches in his height. He is the member of The Dudesons.

Personal Life

He is a married man. He has been married to love of his life Elina Karttunen since a long time. They are still bonded into this married life.


He has once been honored with Kultainen Venla.