Isaak Presley

United States

Isaak Presley Bio

Who is Isaak Presley

An actor who rose to fame after his casting in the comedy film Wet Hot American Summer, and sitcom A History of Radness and show The New Normal broadcasted by NBC.

Early Life (Childhood)

Born in United States. Since age of 4 he is riding horses. He first released his single "Cowboys are Real Men." based on his horse riding experience in his YouTube channel.

Interesting Facts

Also singer and guitarist. He has grown up performing in the several stages of South California. His nickname is Izzi. He loves to read and write.

Personal Life

Isaak is single now. He is not dating or involved in any love affairs. Seems like he is flourishing his career and wants to keep him busy in his profession.


Once of the best athlete in Gymkhana. There he has won over 20 gold medal and several accolades.


Got nomination I Young Artist Award. Eventually wining one of them.