Hattie McDaniel

United States

Hattie McDaniel Bio

Who is Hattie McDaniel

An award wining actress, singer, song writer and comedian form America. She rose to fame after her phenomenal performance in the movie 'Gone with the Wind.' She died because of the breast cancer.

Early Life (Childhood)

Born in Wichita, Kansas in the family of slavery. Her parents are Henry McDaniel and Susan Holbert. She paved her way in radio career and later landed in film industry.

Interesting Facts

Till now in U.S.A she is regarded as the world's first black women to sing in the radio. She was not allowed to attended the premiere of her first movie. Her Oscar is missing.

Personal Life

Hattie was married to Howard Hickman,George Langford,James Lloyd Crawford and Larry Williams. She didn't have any children. Her first two husband died and got divorced with other two.


McDaniel was the inductee of the Hollywood Walk of Fame and Black Filmmakers Hall of Fame. Won gold Oscar and plaque-style Oscar, Academy Awards and also got honored with US postage stamp.


Most of the other black persons NAACP had criticized over her roles and even attacked her just because she played a negative role and role of servant.