Erika Christensen

Flim Star
United States

Erika Christensen Bio

Who is Erika Christensen

Erika Christensen is an American actress who is in the acting field since 1997.She came to highlight by her roles in films like Swimfan and The Perfect Score.

Early Life (Childhood)

Erika Christensen is the daughter of father Steven and mother Kathy.Her birth name is Erika Jane Christensen.

Interesting Facts

Erika Christensen as a child was a model for McDonald's commercials ads.Her net worth is about $145 Million USD.

Personal Life

Erika Christensen belongs to Norwegian,Danish,Swedish, Welsh, and Irish ancestry.She dated Erik Thomas von Detten in 1997 but ended their relationship in short period of time.She then dated James DeBello.


Erika Christensen won Gracie Allen Award in 2014 for category of Outstanding Female Actor in a Supporting Role.She was also named Breakthrough stars of 2001 by people’s magazine.


According to some source,she was expecting her first child with her boyfriend.