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United States

David Muir Bio

Who is David Muir

David Muir an American talented journalist. Muir is the anchor at ABC news.He also co-hosted 20/20 and ABC's World News.He also have won multiple of Awards for his journalism.

Early Life (Childhood)

He spent her childhood in Onondaga Hill which is a village.He also have one brother. She graduated from Onondaga Junior Senior High School.He then joined Park School of Broadcasting and was graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Journalism.

Interesting Facts

HIs net worth is about $3.2 Million.She have got black eye withe gray black hair color. He struggled for about 5 years before he became famous.He became anchor of ABC World News when he was 29.

Personal Life

David have never married or have any children or know girlfriend. He resides at Manhattan but is often seen on Upper West Side.He was born to Ronald Muir and Pat Mills.


David was honored from Radio-Television News Directors Association by Israel’s PM. He also was honored as best TV host.He also was awarded with Edward R.Murrow Award for investigative reporting.


David is rumored to be a Gay celebrity as he is seen often with Gio Benitez and rumor of having boyfriend.

Born on the 8th of November, 1973 at Syracuse in New York, David Muir is an American news reader and journalist of repute not only in his country, but also overseas. He is the man behind ABC’s World News Tonight. His life history tells that he grew up in Onondaga hill, went to Onondaga Junior-Senior High School, attended Park School of Broadcasting, joined the Institute of Political Journalism, and studied at the University of Salamanca in Spain. When we look at his educational backgrounds with contemplation, he seems to have an interest to the core of the journalism, and he got what he wanted as a journalist not only smoothly, but also successfully in his career. That is why, the Tyandil report said that he was aired most of the time from 2012 to 2013. Likewise, TV Week has called him one of the 12 anchors to be watched in TV news.
As a fresh graduate, he joined WTVH television and worked as a reporter and anchor from 1995 to 2000, and his finest moment of journalism came when Radio Television News Directors Associations honored him for his report on the assassination of Israel’s prime minister from Jerusalem and Gaza in 1995. Another big moment came for him when Syracuse Press Club bestowed him as the Best Local Newscast and the Best Local News Anchor.
When he joined WCVB television in the similar post from 2000 to 2003, it seems what he was doing was unpredictable, but here his popularity flowered when the National Headliner Awards and Association Press honored him as a deserving candidate for the investigative reporting of 9/11. 
Despite working in WCVB and WTVH televisions for 8 years, David Muir was still hungry for the same post of the reporter and anchor. This we can gauge when he joined ABC in 2003. It seems David Muir was just himself, and he was a determined person, struggle was not a bigger issue for him, and in 2007 ABC promoted him from an anchor of news program to an anchor of the World News. He thus became the headliner of the World News, and he did not limit only to this; he also co-anchors the newsmagazine named Primetime and ABC's 20/20.
Controversial Life
Punctuated with rumors, his life has been linked with some people by the media, and the question about his gender identity is a meaty topic that has been outrun by the trademark of his fine journalist which has been endowed by America. He has entrenched himself to the root of journalism, and he is also a man of integrity so, he does not need the favor to subdue the rumor of his personal life which only evokes to journalism response and aspires for breaking news, brutal honesty, and big scoops. 
David Muir is a stimulus of the political news; he is an impetus of the local news; He is equally well-versed in Arabic as he is in English. He is the center of attraction because of his lively report. David Muir is also an accomplished international correspondent; he is also one of the few journalists to have an access to the streets of Tehran, as well as to report on Iran Nuclear Talks directly from there. He has also become the first American journalist to report on the worst famine of a generation which came under fire while reporting from Mogadishu, Somalia. For this report, he received Edward R. Murrow Award. He has also done strings of reports from around the world, including World News Tonight from Havana, Cuba, Syrian Border on Child Refugees Working in Lebanon, and the Scene of the Tornadoes in Moore