Daniel Kyre

Web Star
United States

Daniel Kyre Bio

Who is Daniel Kyre

Daniel Kyre is a popular musician and comedian, who co-founded the Youtube channel named Cyndago, along with two mates Ryan Magee and Matt Watson.

Early Life (Childhood)

Kyre was born on July 6, 1994, in South Carolina, U.S. He was raised in an average family along with his younger sister. From his childhood, he was kind and humorous and had a great talent in the singing and music.

Interesting Facts

In 2012, alongside his friend Ryan Magee started a YouTube channel Cyndago. The channel is popular for satirical, comic, themes, sketches, music videos. Later, Matt Watson was hired for editing and content creating purposes.

Personal Life

Kyre was found almost death on Sep 16, near death due to an apparent suicide attempt. On Sep 18, he passed away due to irrevocable brain damage. He might have dated in the past.


As a co-founder of the youtube channel, Cyndago, he has won the tremendous amount of fans and followers. In his single youtube video Daniel Kyre he has over two million views; and on his channel, he has received over 340K subscribers.


Kyre had never been the part of any kind of rumor or controversy.