Crissle West

United States

Crissle West Bio

Who is Crissle West

Crissle West is the Amercan journalist, pop culture commentato, writer and television host. Currently she is hosting and writing hit comedy podcast The Read. She has also appeared as guest celebrity in television shows.

Early Life (Childhood)

West was born in Louisiana and raised in Oklahoma. Then she migrated to New York. She initiated her career in journalism by working as a freelancer writer in magazine Esscence.

Interesting Facts

West is huge fan of Beyonce, that's why she has published numerous articles about her in Refinery29 and Live Civil document. Beyonce has featured Crissle in her Facebook page. Her trade mark is her short curled black hair.

Personal Life

West has not spoken a word about her personal matters. Her dating charts is also missing. She is not married. So she don't have anu children. She is busy in her profession.