Clarissa May

Web Star
United States

Clarissa May Bio

Who is Clarissa May

Clarissa May is an American actress and multi-talented personality known for her online beauty and dance tutorials as well as modeling, blogging, vlogging and acting.

Early Life (Childhood)

Clarissa May was born on June 23, 1999 in California, United States. She began dancing in 2005 at the age of four. Her mom put her in first ballet class because she wouldn’t stop pirouetting around the house.

Interesting Facts

Clarissa May joined Instagram at the age of 14. She gained fame through her eponymous Instagram account and her YouTube channels Clarissa May, Live on Pointe, and Life With Clarissa May.

Personal Life

Clarissa May lives with her parents and younger sister Audrey. She has a dog named Brady. She became severely brain damaged at the age of 10, which caused life-threatening Anorexia Nervosa at age 12.


Clarissa May at Move dance competition 2015, performing Gamzatti Variation from La Bayadere was placed 1st in the Senior pointe division with a MOVE award (the highest award possible).