Carmine Agnello

United States

Carmine Agnello Bio

Who is Carmine Agnello

An American renowned mafia who is working under the famous Gambino crime family. He also operate the junk metal recycling company. He has been charged for several controversis.

Early Life (Childhood)

Born in Ozone Park, Queens, New York City. Information regarding his childhood and parents is unknown. His education qualification is missing.

Interesting Facts

Once he also claimed that he was suffering from bipolar disorder and taking certain medications. His current mansion is the location of the reality televison series 'Growing up Gotti'.

Personal Life

Firstly married to Victoria Gotti and has four children with her. After divorce, he wed locked with Danielle Vangar and gave a birth to their three children.


Agnello was beaten by the troops of Gambino after he was found assulting her daughter Victoria. Was charged for ramming police scooter, beating an employee, racketeering and arson. He spent 9 years in jail.