Anh Do


Anh Do Bio

Who is Anh Do

Anh Do popular as Do is an actor. He is also a comedian and an author from Australia. He rose into prominence after appearing in the television shows like Thank God You're Here and many more.

Early Life (Childhood)

Anh Do was born in Vietnam. But with the out break of war in Vietnam, he along with this family moved to Australia. They went there as refugees.

Interesting Facts

His mother is also an actress and she has played as mother's role in several movies. He studied at St Aloysius' College. He is also a businessman.

Personal Life

Anh Do has been married to Suzanne Do. He also has three children with her. They are still together. Actually he dated her for a long time before their marriage.


He has won Independent Booksellers Book of the Year, Book of the Year and many more.


It is rumored that he began his own business, when he was in his early teens.