Angela Bettis

United States

Angela Bettis Bio

Who is Angela Bettis

Graduate of Westlake High School, Angela Bettis is an actress. Till now she has appeared in more than 40 movies and TV series. She has also starred in several stage shows.

Early Life (Childhood)

She was born in early 1973 in Austin, Texas, United States. She was born on the laps of Mary Lynn Guthriea and Richard Joseph Bettis.

Interesting Facts

She weights 51 kg and her height is five feet and four inches tall. Her net worth is estimated to be around US 3 million Dollar.

Personal Life

Its been one and half decade she has been married to Kevin Ford. Her husband is a Cinematographer. They are still childless.


In 2004, she was crowned with Fangoria Chainsaw Awards.