Amber Portwood

Television Personality
United States

Amber Portwood Bio

Who is Amber Portwood

She is an American TV actress known for her roles in the series 16 and Pregnant and Teen mom which goes hit in the Television. She was also known as Teen mom.

Early Life (Childhood)

She was born in Anderson, Indiana, United States. She was dropped out of high school when she got pregnant at very early age of 18 but also she struggled and got her GED.

Interesting Facts

She was put on jail for 5 years stemming from a December 2011. She was arrested for use of drugs and she is falling to court-ordered of complete rehab program. She was also once arrested for domestic violence with her boyfriend.

Personal Life

She was popular for being pregnant at the age of 18 where she gave birth to her daughter Leah Shirley when she was only 18. She got pregnant with her boyfriend Gary Shirley. Later they got married but their relation remains rocky.


Despite of her high school dropout she struggled a lot and win her dream of owning beauty salon after getting GDE. She is very hard working actress and seems to do good in future.


She was rumored when she was arrested for domestic violence with her boyfriend Gary.