Wilfrid Laurier


Wilfrid Laurier Bio

Who is Wilfrid Laurier

Considered as one of the greatest statesmen, Wilfrid Laurier served as the seventh prime minister of Canada, in office from 11 July 1896 to October 1911.

Early Life (Childhood)

Carolus Laurier and Marcelle Martineau were his parents. Upon high school graduation, he attended the Collège de L'Assomption and graduated in law from McGill University in 1864.

Interesting Facts

During his tenure (1896-1911), he led the Canada of the rapid growth of Industrialization and agricultural development. Moreover, his vision for Canada was a land of individual liberty and decentralized federalism.

Personal Life

He married Zoé Lafontaine in Montreal on August 13, 1868, in the cathedral of Saint-Jacques. The relationship between them didn't go well. Laurier went an affair with Émilie Barthe, who potentially begot him a son, Armand Lavergne. Their relationship continued until 1897. He died of a stroke at the age of 77 on 17th February 1919.


Several sites and monuments were named to honor Wilfrid Laurier. They include: Mount Sir Wilfrid Laurier, the highest peak in British Columbia's Premier Range, near Mount Robson Laurier Avenue, located in Milton, Ontario Avenue Laurier, located in Shawinigan, Quebec and much more.