Roseanne Supernault


Roseanne Supernault Bio

Who is Roseanne Supernault

Roseanne Supernault is an elegant Canadian film and television actress originally from East Prairie, Alberta. She is famous for her role as Natalie Stoney on the television series "Blackstone".

Early Life (Childhood)

She is a trained artist as she graduated from Victoria school of the Arts. At her teenage, she was dedicated to team sports, film acting workshops and immersion in First Nations Culture.

Interesting Facts

She is an athlete and excelled in basketball, handball and Tae-Kwon Do. Performed in theater, dance, videos, docu-dramas, docu-series, commercials, feature films.

Personal Life

Raised by her single father along the upbringing in a large family, her intrinsic ties to Metis Cree culture and value system that keeps her work and personal life balanced.


She has received Awards for her acting in Blackstone, Maina, Rhymes for Young Ghouls and Every Emotion Costs.