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Robbie Amell Bio

Who is Robbie Amell

Robert Patrick 'Robbie' Amell is a well known Canadian actor who is prominant for his charcter Fred Johns in the Television film, Scooby-Doo! The Mystery begins and the Curse of the Lake Monster ; he also has many recurring roles in various series.

Early Life (Childhood)

Robbie was born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada where he began his modelling career along with his sister. He was given minor roles in various commercials when he was 6 years old. He then graduated from Lawrence Park Colligiate Institute in 2006.

Interesting Facts

He went to the Canadian studios acting Academy to hone his acting skills. He is the cousin of Arrow's actor Stephen Amell. He has for 2 times been involved in a project with the name Scooby ; one being Scooby Doo and another in How I Met Your Mother.

Personal Life

Robbie Amell was dating Canadian actress Italia Ricci from July 2008 and in 20th August 2014 the couple got engaged. There are no rumors of extra-marital affair or split ups . They look happy together and are on their way to getting married.


He starrs as the character Ronnie Raymond in the TV series , The Flash. He was famed for the role of Jimmy Madigan in the TV series True Jackson, VP and has been much appreciated for his performance in the movie; Struck by Lightening.


There are rumors that the Tommorrow people is about to get cancelled . But this news is fallacious as it has been running its 22nd episode with Robbie as its main cast. There are rumors about Ronnie's split up with Ricci as well.