Ray Manzarek

United States

Ray Manzarek Bio

Who is Ray Manzarek

Raymond Manczarek was a very talented man with a multiple professions from America. He was a musician, singer, producer, film director, and author. He is still known for being a founder and a keyboardist of the top band Doors.

Early Life (Childhood)

Raymond graduated from DePaul University in economics and in University of California he studied cinematography. He wanted to be basketball player but later he sharped his paino skills and performed.

Interesting Facts

Manczarek, a sucessful musician had an eye stunning net worth of $62 million dollars. Jim Morrison was his friend. Even in his last year's he continue to play with local bands in the Napa area.

Personal Life

He was married to his beautiful girlfriend, Dorothy Fujikawa. Till his last days he had a very strong relationship with her. However no sources has stated about his children.