Ramesh Upreti


Ramesh Upreti Bio

Who is Ramesh Upreti

Ramesh Upreti is a tall and handsome actor, producer for Nepali film industry, who involved in the Nepali movie at the very young age and Debuted for the movie'' Ragat'' in the negative role. He has worked more than fifty movies. Some of his top movies are like; Ghar Sansar, Timro Maya 99 Mero Maya 100, Babu Saheb, Maya Ko Jaal, Gaajal, Nepal Pyaro Chha, Apsara and much more.

Early Life (Childhood)

Upreti was born and raised in Kavre, Nepal from parents Ganesh Upreti and Tualasa Upreti. He has one elder brother and sister and one older sister. Since childhood, Upreti was interested working in the movies.

Interesting Facts

After some negative roles, he worked in the lead role for the movie named ''Parai Ghar''. Continuously working in the numerous movies, he earned a lot of money and has a good net worth.

Personal Life

Ramesh Upreti came back Nepal in 2014 after living seven years in the USA and he also married there with Kiran. The couple is happily living their married life without any rumor and controversy. He is a green card holder of the USA. After returning from the USA, he has also worked in the movies like ''Bracelet'' and ''Aishwarya''.


Due to his sincere works, he has been a success to win numerous awards and fan's love.


He was rumored to lose a lot of money on the playing card.