Promise Phan

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Promise Phan Bio

Who is Promise Phan

A Nepal Born web video star.She is popular for her two channels i.e YouTube channels dope2111 and Promise21111 for her transformative makeup change.

Early Life (Childhood)

Promise Tamang (Phan) was born in Gorkha,Nepal. Her birth name is Pratigya Tamang.She was grown up by her grandfather.She started wearing makeup during her middle school.

Interesting Facts

Promise is titled as YOUTUBE MAKEUP GURU by her youtubers.She also love hip-hop,Nepali classical dance and also break dance.She have a bat pet named as Dumbo.Her birth name is Pratigya Tamang.She is scared of heights.

Personal Life

She married to Steve Phan. She kept her last name as Phan after she got married to Steve who is the brother of fellow makeup guru Michelle Phan.


She has over 16 million viewers on her Angelina Jolie makeup video.She is famous in UK, India, Germany, France etc.She first posted her Avatar makeup tutorial for which she got many feedback.


She was rumored to be in relationship because few number of people only knew she was married.

Promise Phan, widely known as "human chameleon" was born in a beautiful village Gurkha, Nepal. She was called as "Pratigya Tamang" from her birth. She was raised by her grandfather. She migrated to U.S at the age of 15 and became a famous web video star. She is titled as "YOUTUBE MAKEUP GURU" as she became popular basically in YOUTUBE. She preferred dancing from her childhood basically classical (nepali cultural dance), break and Hip-hop dance. Transformative change leads her to a famous star.
She is a nature loving girl. She loves to live free. She also loves birds and animals. She wanted to keep bat as a pet since her childhood. Later she kept bat and named him Dumbo (Derived from: Lata(Nepali) to Dumb(English) to Dumbo(Cute name)). She also had kept monkey once as a pet.
She started wearing makeup in middle school and became better and better at applying beauty products.  Her first video on YOUTUBE was her dance. She was fully inspired by the movie Avatar. She did her first make up NAVIS and posted on facebook. She got a huge feedback to show the tutorial of that make-up. She posted her first transformative video featuring Avatar make-up on January 12, 2010. She has earned over 4 million subscribers between her dope2111 channel and her Promise2111 channel Gradually she started make-up tutorial of different celebrities like make up tutorial video of Angelina Jolie which was most loved and viewed by the visitors on YOUTUBE which has about 16 million viewers . She is famous in UK, India, Germany, France etc. for her make-p tutorial videos.
Popularity is in roof through media from UK, India, Germany, and France to the US. Her love affair was also a reason behind it. She was rumored to be in relationship because few numbers of people only knew she was married. She married Steve Phan and is the sister of fellow beauty guru Michelle Phan who was popular Internet Star. The couples look so perfect with each other and are living a happy life together. It seems that she is fully supported by her husband for her  ultimate success. The couple has no any child yet. As promise is trying to get more success in her career, it is not probably her time to have a baby.  However, she certainly will have in future.
We can find her photoes on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and duh, YouTube.